Phase I ($100,000)

*Baseball Field

Sub-Phase A:  Irrigation (includes softball and football fields) ($40,000)

Sub-Phase B:  Dugouts ($20,000)

Sub-Phase C:  Seeding/Fill ($10,000)

Sub Phase D:  Fence/Scoreboard ($30,000)


PPEL/Capital Projects:  $50,000

Athletic Booster Club:  $30,000

Fence Signs:  $10,000

Grant:  $10,000

Anticipated Opening Day Summer 2012!

What Does Phase I do for this project?

*Separates football and baseball.

*Opens up parking (old baseball infield).

*Irrigates Baseball and Softball fields.

*Preps us to irrigate football field, and other fields as needed.

*Allows us to redo football/track lighting.

Other Phases Pending....

Main Wish List